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    • Eni

      Hi, thank you for the video.
      I have a question. What about the fibers in fruits and vegetables? Are they complex sugars too? Do they behave the same, and cause bacterial overgrowth?
      All the best,

      • Radek SCD

        Yes, vegetables and fruits also contain carbohydrates, but mainly a large amount of water and other substances, enzymes. Dried fruit is more of a problem, especially in the early stages of recovery. In addition, veal treatment further degrades carbohydrates and transforms them into indigestible starches.
        Next reason it’s important to cook fruits and veggies is that the cooking softens the fiber cell wall of all the plant cells. Inside these cells are the nutrients and, especially, the sugars. If the fiber cell wall is softened, then the chance of the small intestine absorbing the sugars out and transporting them into the bloodstream is greater. If the cell walls are not softened and remain rigid (raw), then the chance of the carbohydrates getting down to the colon and fermenting is increased, causing bloating, gas and other digestive problems.

    • Alina

      I found on your site the recipe “Marky’s Baguettes” that has in the ingredient list “cottage cheese – 1/2”.
      In you Legal/Illegal list the cottage cheese is Illegal. So is the cottage cheese legal or the recipe does not respect the SCD ?

      • Radek SCD

        Hi, basically the list is for more general use. Cottage cheese/curd from stores often contains inappropriate ingredients. In the recipes we usually use our own home made ingredients when it comes to things such as yogurt, cottage cheese/curd, mayonnaise and others. If you read the labels carefully, you can use store bought cottage cheese, too, but we recommend making your own. Recipe is on our site “Curd – Lučina”.

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