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Heal with Meal using our SCD Guide

Hello everyone, this is Radek

and I want to ask you a question. Do you want to keep waiting for salvation, or some miracle that comes from some external place or have you decided to take matters into your own hands, put confidence in your body, start cooperating with it, begin to truly love it and nurture it in the best way possible?

It's especially true these days, that it's up to each one of us which path do we choose, and the best compass and guide is our "First Best" feeling, the kind of feeling that lets you know that your choices are in harmony with your actions and beliefs.

And perhaps now is the right time to make some important decisions. It would be best to take a step back and properly examine the situation, what am I doing, how do I treat my body, how do I view myself, how do I view the surrounding world, and how does it all affect my body and health.

If I myself do not possess, do not possess health, love, happiness, wealth, then I have nothing to share from.

And if you base your decision around this attitude and make the choice to take responsibility for your life, we are ready with Marky to share the lessons we have learned on this path.

I expect that if you are watching this video, you have most certainly gathered a lot of knowledge by now and you are beginning to understand, what must be done in order to heal yourself from the various possible conditions, and also maintain good health and balance.

This method of healing that I have shown you is not a hypothetical idea, it is a tested system that has already helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

You have seen that genuinely anyone can start their new journey, which will allow you a newfound freedom and another chance to change your life, just like the two of us have.

Of course, it's not as simple as taking a pink pill, or in this case, boiling some carrot and the next day you're fine...

It's a gradual journey of adapting and incorporation of this new different lifestyle, which will swiftly bring about changes and you will know that healing is within reach and that will motivate you further.

In order to help you with this process, we would like to offer you our SCD Guide, which was designed to assist you with the beginning so it can be as smooth as possible.

It's probably a good time to talk about it in more detail. Take a listen and see what kinds of things can be found in this Guide...

First of all, we will explain the principles of SCD in greater detail.

And this is important because as you begin to fully understand and internalize this system, you will be able to better identify which foods are appropriate and which aren't even without using our List. You will be able to adjust your food choices yourself depending on availability, your location, your current condition and resources. Once you get the hang of these things, nothing will catch you off guard anymore.

Next, we will discuss how to begin your path of SCD depending on your needs and situation.

It's different for people with coeliac, or epilepsy, Crohn's or MS. And it's also very different if you're going into SCD in order to adjust your weight or blood pressure or digestion. On top of that, our information can be used as a preventative measure. This is a great time to mention one of the side benefits of SCD.

Almost all of the food that is used for preparation of meals promote kick starting various positive chemical processes within our brain. So it wouldn't be too far off if I said that when I first started SCD, I felt kind of high. Turns out, I was pretty close. I have increased the levels of all these positive substances and I am able to maintain good mood with ease. And as you may suspect, a positive mood and outlook is essential for healing, as well. Simple ingestion of boiled carrot will not save anybody. We'll talk about this area of SCD in the Guide, too.

Most importantly, we will give you all the tools and information you will need to start right away. Whether you feel good right now or find yourself currently in the midst of some terribly inconvenient situation.

If you really want to hit the ground running and see results as fast as you can, and perhaps lose some weight, you will find a special manual in our SCD Guide - How to begin - Five Phases. If you are not currently dealing with any acute conditions or you actually could use some extra kilos, you can skip the phases and follow the next steps of SCD.

Let's continue there is more. Marky will show you important procedures how to prepare various basic meals. She has a lot of tricks up her sleeves in all the years of practice. You can also use special recipes that were designed specifically for the starting phase.

I will recommend you how and where to shop, so that you can avoid spending extra money needlessly while getting the desired quality of products. We will share how to prepare when it comes to the technical side of things, which appliances lead to the quickest and best results.

We have lots of advice on how to deal with traveling or how to make sure that your children will not want to or even think of breaking SCD. The topic of children has its own bespoke slot in our Guide.

An important chapter is a guide to overcome small setbacks and mainly relapses - temporary worsening of the condition, which may or may not manifest during the healing process. You will learn why can they happen, despite adherent following of the SCD principles and that it's also not such a bad thing in essence. I have rich experience in this field and some of the relapses were caused by my own lack of vigilance or ignorance. That is to say insufficient information. Which is another story that I will share with you 🙂

One of the other topics deals with objections from the people around you, so that nothing and no one can make you stray from your path.

You wouldn't believe the things I had to listen to when I was first starting. Since I took it very seriously, due to my dire situation, I lost weight to about 72 kg. And then it started... Oh my god are you OK? You look ill. What's wrong, you look terrible. It's interesting that when I weighed a 100 kg and I struggled to catch my breath when climbing stairs, nobody thought anything was wrong... What's even more interesting is that the people who used to say those things were perfect candidates for SCD just one look at them was enough to know 🙂 Remember, the reactions from the people around you aren't about you, nobody lives your life, so they can't speak to it. Let alone decide things. Most often they don't even talk about your life, but their own, which you are reflecting to them like a mirror...

Among other topics that we will discuss is alcohol, hydration, super foods, herbs, additives, cosmetics, preserving, whole foods, probiotics, cleansing, mental health, spiritual health... Basically, we will talk about everything that's important and useful to your healing and what will you need to think about on your journey.

In addition you will always have the chance to communicate with us using the comments or emails.

You will also see comments and our replies to SCD users that are already with us. If we discover questions that have not appeared anywhere yet, we will look into them and incorporate them in to the Guide.

We will teach you how to observe your body, how to listen to it and how to react to its language. This is essential...

Each one of us is unique and each one of us will have different progress. As you heal you will perceive all kinds of reactions and so it is good to know what they mean and what is your body or spirit trying to tell you.

Let's take a look from the top so that it's all laid out.

- SCD Guide is a complete program which includes graphic material, links, updated content and email support.

- Currently it consists of 5 modules in which you can find more than 80 chapters with new ones being added.

- The Guide also includes a graphic manual "How to begin - 5 Phases of Progress"

- Detailed list of "legal and illegal" foods with explanations

- Map of supplements suitable for SCD, so that you know what you can use and how.

- Bespoke page with frequently asked questions which is also updated.

- Each chapter with video also contains a transcript, in case you prefer reading.

- All chapters allow users to post comments where you can ask us questions that are not answered in the Guide or in case something isn't clear. You will also be able to see all previous comments from other users so you can communicate among each other, not just us.

- If you aren't satisfied with that option, we also offer SCD "Hangout" within the Guide. Where you can discuss with others in public chat rooms or privately.

I would say thus far, the Guide is chock full of great content. But we're still not quite done yet...

We have few bonuses that really tie things together nicely for the Guide... Listen up...

- There is a special module Guide+ which helps you adjust SCD depending on what kind of condition you are dealing with. This section is also updated as we learn more and new information emerges.

- Right from the beginning you have at your disposal a cookbook Marky SCD Recipes - START. Perfect for the starting phase, you will be prepared for what you can eat and you won't have to rely on just eating boiled carrot all day 🙂

- We offer lifetime support via email consultations.

- So that not even a technical issue can stop you from healing, we offer email support which will help you with any technical aspect. Perfect for those who do not possess sufficient command of modern devices or lack confidence in this realm.

- We have made it impossible for you to be unsure as to what your meal options are by providing you with 4 cookbooks that come with your Guide. Which offer more than 100 recipes in total.

- And that's still not everything. You will gain permanent access to testimonials. These are videos of people who have been able to use SCD with tremendous success. They will help you see what's possible and also provide some motivation in case you ever find yourself in doubt.

- And finally last but not least. We will offer discounts at our partnered eshops both current and future.

As the number of followers increases we are becoming more interesting to various partners whose projects are going in a similar direction as ours. Healing and healthy lifestyle in general. And we would like to make use of these partnerships to make your path all that much easier.

I don't think I can properly gauge the value of all these items but you can imagine for yourself, how valuable all this information can be if we are thinking about the next stage of your life.

I would like to point out another thing.

Our SCD Guide has limitless license, which means you will own it forever. You will benefit from further updates to the Guide. You can come back to it whenever you want or need.

So that's our SCD Guide. I'm sure that you now understand you will never be alone in this fight. You have vast amount of information at your disposal that you do not need to seek out yourself, and then sift and filter through... We have prepared and organized everything into one easy to navigate source.

This then, is our offer to you. Using our SCD Guide you can in short time, learn and benefit from everything we have come across and lived through in the past 10 years. You can eliminate the guesswork and all the mistakes which can be made without awareness. And thus, you can shorten your path to your health and your own better story.

I'm certain that by now you are wondering how much is this going to cost. Well, the reality is that our SCD Guide will not cost you anything.

Our program will bring you money.

It will bring you savings from medication, appointments, missing work due to incapacity and similar nonsense... It's akin to an investment.

Investment into your health, your new story, which will create opportunities which were impossible before. Practically speaking, you only stand to gain.

And since we want our SCD Guide to be accessible to any and every one, who could possibly need it, we have prepared two options how to obtain it. You can choose then, if you would prefer to pay one flat fee or multiple smaller fees.

So then, you can either pay $ 497 or in the case of the payment plan $ 97 today and then 5 monthly payments of the same amount and with that you will receive the full Guide with all the aforementioned bonuses. This covers the time and effort we with Marky and our team put into the Guide every day. And it also makes sure that only people who are serious will be interested. Today, you only need $ 97 and you can start healing with your SCD Guide right away.

Details on how to obtain your SCD Guide can be found on the following page after clicking the button, under this video.

Every investment comes with a risk... Not this one, though 🙂  

Your investment can proceed in one of two ways:

This is scenario A. For your money, you will gain valuable information which will guide you more easily to your healthy recovery, you will gain fully featured, healthy and happy life and you will change your future. In such case you can probably assign the value of the return of your investment yourself 🙂

And scenario B. You find out SCD is not for you, perhaps it's not the right time yet, or it just doesn't mesh with you for one reason or another or you just cannot use it for yourself... That can also happen.

In that case, you can cancel your payment plan any time and in the case of the one-time payment you are eligible to request a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

We will send you your money back to your account, no questions asked. No hard feelings 🙂

So, it either works out for you fantastically or you get your money back.

I don't know about you, but I wish we had more fair opportunities like this 🙂

What's more, such investment into your own health will bring you more time in your healthy body, and thanks to that you will be able to devote more time to your own wealth instead of worrying over some condition, therapies and piles of chemical curatives 🙂

Don't hesitate, stop treating your illness and start healing it instead.

Click the button and join us in our SCD Guide.

There are few more things left to say. I don't want to alarm you or anything but this registration will be open for 5 days. The reason being we want to make sure that we can handle all the communication and if we went over capacity, it could quickly become unmanageable. So if you want to be sure and you want to come with us, act fast.

If you won't be able to make it for any reason, do not despair, you can try again in few months.

I remember thinking to myself back in the day though. If not now, then when? I couldn't stand it any longer. I bought what I could, books, e-books, memberships and I got to work... I realized that if I want a different life, I have to do something now.

One more thing, some people think, that I was perhaps just lucky, and this is just not gonna work for them, but I want to remind you, hundreds of thousands of people across the world are the proof that the principles of SCD are solid. The only thing you can really mess up is not doing it. Don't forget that there is a hundred years of solid research backing this diet up. 

And right now, you have the chance to use it for yourself.

So your next step is to click the button and shape the landscape of your future life so that it benefits you.

In the past I used to think that such statements are full of pathos and are just ridiculous, but in the last several years I realized the true power behind them. What can change in one's life with a simple click of a button. That means one solitary investment into your own future.

The chasmic difference I feel going from the fat, tired and sick person to the current place where I am right now.

And now that I see thousands of people who are going through that very same process thanks to our example, all of that pathos is gone.

Suddenly, I can see how information, a word, an idea can truly change the direction of events.

I also came to understand that the one who controls everything in my life, the one who decides, the one who can make a change has always been myself and no one else.

Registration is open for a few days. Put yourself first, like I did.

And once you are strong and healthy again, once you regain your power, pass it on.

Now is your time, click the button and we will see you shortly 🙂

If you have any questions use the following email:

Eat well and be well


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