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Hi, this is Radek, in this video number 3, I will talk about something that completely changed my life. First of all, however, I would like to express my gratitude. I want to thank everyone who is watching, messaging us, be it in the comments, on our site or emails. Emails are the largest group and it makes sense, the issues we talk about are quite sensitive. But all the messages have one thing in common, they are uplifting. We can feel with Marky that you are all determined and full of vigor. I remember that feeling very well. The enthusiasm upon finding something that will help you deal with a problem that seemed unsolvable. I know what you are going through because it wasn't so long ago that I was going through the very same thing. My new lifestyle still brings about new changes and benefits even after all these years. And it's all based on the continued cleansing and regeneration 🙂

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, it's an incredible feeling. Thank you also, for the amount of questions you send us. They help direct our approach to our work and following content, so that it is tailored to your needs. So it can help anyone who decides to do something for their health and for their new fantastic lifestyle promoting a healthy body. Thank you.

For those who haven't seen the previous two videos I will briefly reiterate. More than 10 years ago I have discovered a way how to get rid of an allegedly incurable condition. Back then, I may have been in the very same spot that you find yourself in right now. I was lucky to have found information regarding SCD, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. And my life changed in front of my eyes.

When I started observing various improvements shortly after starting, I was astonished. And when I realized how many conditions can be dealt with using SCD, I felt this calling to spread the word 🙂 I started extolling the virtues of SCD to my closest. Family and friends, I wanted to save them all 🙂 Soon after I realized that it's not going to work like that. When I saw the puzzled faces, I knew that this is something that cannot be forced. As we like to say here "You cannot rush people to Paradise with a crack of the whip." So we promised to each other with Marky, that if it works for me, we will pass it on. We'll build a website and make it available for anyone who is ready and willing to do something for the benefit of their health or the health of their loved ones. And ready is the key word here.

No matter what condition you or someone close to you is dealing with, here is the sum of our experience with SCD. Watch our previous two videos to learn more. You will learn how starving out the overgrown bacteria will stop processes that are responsible for the decrease of energy reserves without which our body cannot properly maintain good health. You can also benefit from various "side effects" of this diet, which gradually manifest.

This reminds me one of our previous clients. I had a business meeting with him at a mall. He was a little bit late, he traveled rather far and wasn't able to get breakfast. As soon as we sat down, he ordered a strawberry milkshake. Half a liter. He downed it saying he's terribly hungry. In about 15 minutes he ordered a blueberry milkshake and it disappeared in mere moments once again. After the business topics were covered we continued to talk about various other things. At some point he shared that he's dealing with pains in the hip and that he has an appointment for surgery. I told him that it doesn't surprise me when he drinks so much milk. As an ex-bodybuilder he was used to consuming protein shakes with milk. My remark made him curious though, and he started asking questions, so I explained to him what SCD is about. He is a very decisive man and immediately he announced that he's going to put it into practice. After three weeks he called me and said: "You won't guess what am I calling you about." I just figured: "No more pain in your hip?" To which he replies: "Not just that, I called off the surgery entirely!"
As we discovered further positive effects of SCD we were pondering who else could benefit from this diet. We had a grandmother at a very respectable age of 92. She had trouble with that German guy, Alzheimer. This condition was at a very advanced stage so it was clear SCD will not restore memory to her, but we thought its worth trying, it surely can't get any worse. After two years the memory indeed remained the same, perhaps the deterioration was slowed, but when it comes to her physical fitness, she saw a huge improvement. She lost excess weight, blood pressure adjusted to better values, her mood improved and climbing stairs was not an issue in the slightest. Her doctor even gave her as an example of successful treatment, we let her think so 🙂

You can see testimonials on our site 🙂 For now though, we would like to address some of your frequently asked questions. Things that interest you the most.

Hello I am Marky and I make content for our site I also want to thank you for you messages and questions, and I am going to take a look at several common questions that we get.

We get a lot of questions why is certain food item marked as illegal in our Legal/Illegal List. Most often it's green food or foods that are generally considered as beneficial to health. For example aloe vera, green barley, chlorella, buckwheat or whole grain products or some other popular foods. We partly answered this question in the second video but in essence, when (your potentially favorite) food item is marked as illegal, it means it contains inappropriate saccharides or other substance that hinders SCD or causes undesired reactions from our body. Chlorella and seaweed irritate the gut lining, which we need to regenerate, therefore we have to give it space and rest. Green barley is a disaccharide.

Another host of questions have to do with heat processing of foods. SCD is not exclusively about raw food. Although many of our recipes are suitable for rawism, we have many cooked meal recipes. If you are a carnivore you don't need to be concerned, SCD does not disallow meat and we also have recipes of such variety. Healing with meal is possible even if you don't eat meat. We stopped eating meat on SCD for about 3 years and didn't really have any problems. The variety remains quite rich and you still have a lot to choose from.
Nobody forced us to stop eating meat... it just came up naturally. Elaine Gottschall herself didn't actually specify whether meat should or shouldn't be eaten, so this is going to be your personal choice 🙂

Many of you are worried that you will be very hungry on SCD. We can assuage your concern 🙂 The amount of food you can eat is not limited, so there is no need to starve. On the contrary, you will discover that SCD meals are very nutritious and full of energy, once your organism switches to monosaccharides your body will be more efficient and the overall amount of food you will have to eat will be lowered. Once you try for example the pecan bread, you'll know that eating more than two slices is going to require an effort of heroic proportions.

One of the questions was, whether SCD is categorically inadvisable for some group of people. We thought about it long and hard and couldn't really come up with any such group. We cannot see how could SCD make someone's condition worse. Supposing that we start nurturing our body in accordance with it rather than against it 🙂

We've had positive results from people suffering with diabetes, heart conditions, MS, Parkinson's, eating disorders, overweight people but also underweight people, asthma and others. So as far as we can see, SCD is beneficial to anyone who decides to indulge in it and our body rewards us with improved function and increased energy reserve.

Other questions were wondering about SCD and sports. One concern was the lack of protein if you also stop eating meat. Here I would like to state that the necessity of ingesting lot of protein for muscle mass is indeed a myth. You can find hundreds if not thousands of athletes who are vegetarian or vegan and perhaps even on SCD or raw food. I can add one more example to this. Maternal milk contains minimal amounts of protein and despite this, the baby grows about 3 times its size in the first 18 months. The necessity of protein is seriously overstated and besides, milk and meat aren't the only sources of protein. You can rest easy in case your child is lactose intolerant, that after starting SCD without any dairy products including those that are not marked as illegal, that your child would not grow or become stronger.

Very good question that we saw talked about is, what happens when we eat something that is SCD illegal, by mistake. This is obviously not great and it can set you back, your body will certainly let you know... but if it happens only rarely and then you just continue on your way, it's better not to worry about it or feel guilty and carry on. Guilt could possibly do a lot more damage than one such mistake alone. I want to say, what matters most really is your own decision here. It's always up to you whether you are carefully checking labels before you eat something you aren't sure how it came to be. It depends how much do you want to be honest with yourself and with your body. Let's take our body seriously, and if it lets us know that the current state is far from satisfactory, let's listen and let it guide us. Our investment will return a hundredfold.

R: Let's take a look at SCD nutrition from a wider perspective. We know how it affects our organism. We know that by selecting proper food we can change our lives. There is no ill fate or dumb luck, we are human and we have the capacity to choose. The place and condition in which we find ourselves are the result of our previous decisions. If we realize this, we can begin to make the next decisions in a more mindful manner that benefits us. A shark can't become a cook tomorrow and a monkey isn't going to drive a bus, even though it might get a signing bonus.

M: We can decide however. As people we can decide whether we listen to our body, stop hurting it, change the direction in which we were going and from this point on start telling a different story. We can tell a story in which we aren't wasting money, we are not unable to perform our work, where we don't pay for medication that does not heal us. We can tell a story where nothing is hurting, we aren't sitting in the waiting room and instead we are enjoying life in good health and peaceful comfort.

R: Each one of us can make this change for themselves. We can believe once again that there is a better way, that we can indeed live a beautiful life and that we are capable of achieving it. The two of us have been walking down this path for a while and many others have joined. The change is drastic. Each day I can see it. I think about it every time I don't have to take a pill, every time moving does not hurt, when I eat some delicious treat prepared by Marky. And in these moments there are also new ideas and inspiration, I don't have to occupy my thoughts thinking what is happening to me and what is wrong. I can, once again live properly.

M: Another thing that brings us happiness is the reach. Your stories of healing and recovery give us great sense of fulfillment. We can feel the renewed will and eagerness to live from people whose health has returned to them. It's an indescribable feeling.

If you are ready then, prepared to take matters into your own hands, take your life to the next level. If you are ready to follow us and start telling a brand new story, we have another option for you. We have prepared an SCD Guide by the name of "Heal with Meal". More material at much greater scope, than 3 videos could ever cover. We discuss all important topics and things you should be aware of so that you can optimally use the SCD protocols and observe maximum benefits as quickly as possible. The Guide also answers many more of your most important questions, based on which the Guide was designed. Part of this Guide are also cookbooks with many tasty recipes. In short, we will give you a clear plan on how to proceed.

In few hours we will give you the chance for a few days, to obtain this SCD Guide. We have one more video for you. This one will be all about your new story. How to start writing it. You will discover all the details regarding the SCD Guide and we will tell you how to proceed after you get it, should you desire to continue healing with our direct guidance. Until then, you have these three videos at your disposal for few more days. And in the meantime, your homework will be thinking of the script for your new story.

: Feel free to leave a comment below the video, what do you think, are there further questions, do you already have an idea what your story will be about?

Thank you for your attention. Eat well

And be well.


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