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Hi, this is Radek. Yesterday, I shared my story with you, how did I come to the conclusion that I have to take charge of my life, I explained what inflammation really is and what the basic principles of SCD or Simple Carbohydrate Diet are.

In today's class I want to discuss the economics side of things and children. We all used to be kids so you might remember phrases such as: "If you eat your meat and potatoes for lunch you will get a nice chocolate as a reward." When we think about the fundamentals of SCD, the meaning of this sentence starts to take a turn, doesn't it?

We'll talk about how does conventional diet affect our children, what sorts of issues may arise and how SCD can help reverse these effects. I have invited my wife Marky to help me boil these topics down. She writes articles and recipes for our website Next we will look at the topic of money. We'll show you that it's nothing to be worried about, and that this method of healing and maintaining your health is affordable to anyone. Not to mention that investing in your own life is currently most likely the best kind of investment you can make. I think we have a lot of ground to cover, so let's get to it.

In the previous video we talked about how our body cannot fully digest any saccharides beside the simple ones (monosaccharides). Rest of the saccharides remain in the gut in unprocessed form and cause overgrowth in the microbiome. Let's make some things clear here. I myself remember being pretty vague on what's a saccharide, let alone mono or di or poly and when someone talked about carbohydrates... I was even more lost.
So sugar is not just your regular sugar cubes. For the sake of simplicity let's just say that monosaccharides, disaccharides, carbohydrates, carbs or just sugar, is still the same category of nutrients, that we can find in our food. No matter which name do we choose to describe them, it's important to remember that each contain a certain amount of molecules. For us the most important part is that monosaccharides have one molecule, disaccharides are made of two molecules and polysaccharides are made of more than two molecules.

Monosaccharides can be found in fruits, vegetables, honey and nuts. Disaccharides or double sugars can be found in refined sugar, grains, milk, hops and others. And polysaccharides, or complex sugars, are also known as starch, which can be found in potatoes, rice, corn, and other plants.
Now let's peel back to the undigested remains. These can reach our gut, where the microbiome becomes stimulated and grows excessively, and so the bacteria don't starve they can possibly erode the gut lining. As the bacteria go through their processes they create toxins which travel through the bloodstream all across our body, including the brain. All of which is likely to develop all kinds of conditions. Of course we are not all going to have the same symptoms, but this mechanism works in similar way for all of us. Some are more resilient than others. But if you maintain conventional diet and modern lifestyle, it's very likely you will end up developing something one way or the other, eventually.

Do you know what happens when you eat an apple for example? Since apple comes with its own enzymes and minerals and contains simple sugars that we can digest easily, it doesn't even spend a lot of time in the stomach and it goes to the small intestine relatively quickly. Here the nutrients are absorbed and the resistant indigestible fiber is moved into the large intestine where it helps cleanse that organ.

But what about a donut with hot cocoa? Amazing right? Disaccharides all around - sucrose, lactose... maybe glazed on top, too...I used to love them, too. However...For our body it's a massive hit, similar to a fever, basically... It puts the digestive system on alert. No enzymes, our body needs to use its own, no minerals, basically all of it just filler, that our body needs to eliminate somehow. It uses a lot of energy to deal with this problem. No nutrition, no benefit to the body. Senior years spent eating pastries and white coffee is deterioration squared. Does that make sense to you?

But I digress. I will only add one more elaboration on the matter of SCD.
If our body cannot fully digest double and complex sugars and the remains cause toxins to develop in the gut which is followed by overgrowth in the microbiome, then by starting a diet that consists of simple saccharides, fats and protein, we will restore balance and develop an environment in which regeneration and elimination of our conditions can take place. Last time I also mentioned variety of "side effects" that accompany this healing process. Let me specify some of them now. Imagine when you stop stressing your body with things like the aforementioned donut. Thanks to SCD your body will not be forced to constantly work overtime to deal with waste. You will save huge amounts of energy. Energy that you will be able to use on better things. You could say that your body will be subjected to about one third less or even half as much strain every day, and that's all just because of a diet change. Talking about energy, this diet is much more efficient than for example dumplings, cakes, pies or other grain based fillers. Energy bars can be quite deceptive, if you aren't careful with ingredients, that energy actually works against you in the long term. Now I would like to approach the main topics of today's video. We stopped watching cable TV even before we started using SCD, so that must be like 20 years ago. But in the winter season we like to watch fairy tales with Marky's mother, it's just that kind of season and it's a nice family pastime. And since we are exposed to TV in this instance we can't help but witness some television commercials. And boy, the stuff that gets advertised is really something. One medicine after the other, sad children with red noses and cheeks and sad eyes... So that you can laugh these commercials off like me, I will pass the microphone to Marky and she will explain how it is with SCD and children.


Hello, my name is Marky and I would love to share with you few of my personal experiences with SCD, and at the same time answer some questions from mothers and fathers who are curious whether SCD is suitable for the little ones.

First, I wanna say that I am on the same SCD diet as Radek and for the same amount of time. Before we fully committed to SCD we read a lot. Radek ordered Elaine Gottschall's book and we gathered as much information about SCD's influence on health from as many people as we could. Eventually, SCD just made sense to us in every way, what Elaine writes about in her book, choice of ingredients and proper nutrition being able to restore balance and proper health is something we desire and we didn't want to waste anymore time, postponing that decision. Time for health is now.

I decided to join Radek on SCD mostly to support him. When you live for a long time by the side of a person you deeply care about and you see them suffer, you see them not being able to live life fully, work, have fun, travel you want them to heal as much as they do. I noticed a lot of people in my life came to accept their illness and became resigned. In essence they keep themselves in that state and we didn't want that for ourselves. We don't think illness is a natural state of a person. Illness is a state into which we got ourselves by our lack of awareness. What do I mean. I don't really know what am I eating or drinking, I don't worry about consequences, I'm not careful about what goes on in my head, there is a lot of confusion within, I am weighed down by guilt and emotions and fear, I go to work that I don't like, I meet people that are in similar spot and we collectively complain, we can't take joy in things or rest. Long story short, we make ourselves sick due to our lifestyle, all on our own. And only we ourselves can get get out of this tight spot. Where there is will, there is a way. So how? I stop feeling like a victim and I assume responsibility for myself and my life.

:)) I will never forget that one time when Radek jump scared me enthusiastically and said: "I really like this SCD things, what about you? Will you join me???" And I couldn't but agree: "Yeah sure, let's goo!!" I can't imagine saying no :)) We were both looking forward to a brand new experience. Maybe even a brand new life ๐Ÿ™‚

I myself wasn't dealing with any serious issue...just the regular minor stuff. Some acne, maybe little bit of eczema here and there, perhaps some gynecological inflammation. I didn't really worry about it too much, yes you hear that right, my health was in second maybe even third place of my priority list. I see this in emails a lot. I'm fine Marky just minor stuff, little bit of reflux, maybe gas, bowel movement once a week. Whoa. Minor stuff you say? But these minor things is where it all begins. And if I don't realize this early enough, it's just gonna get worse. Some people get it right away and some people need to get a lot worse before it clicks. But even that is just one way of going about it. You can always do something.

And what did I do to get rid of these minor issues? I did the same thing as most people do, hand over all responsibility to medicine. I went to get my creams and pills. Which worked for a time, but then the problems emerged again. So I went through the process again and it was fine for a while once again. And so on and so forth. At some point these minor issues became chronic issues.

I started to suspect that these creams are just a cycle, no amount of cream will hide what do I do to my own body and how I don't show it sufficient love. I wanted to be beautiful and slim but that means being beautiful on the inside and how I feel will reflect on the outside. By the way, did Radek tell you about the weight correction powers of SCD? The more shapely people will lose weight and skinny ones will gain weight... ๐Ÿ™‚ SCD allows your body to find its ideal natural weight...

Joining Radek on his SCD journey has helped me far more than I could have imagined. Not only did Radek get better as time went by, but my problems went away, too. But also, our improvement was rather rapid, because our decision was so firm, we had no reason to ever stray from the path. We had a lot of fun with SCD and we enjoyed all the food, while observing various benefits that we didn't even expect.

To take care of your body means starting to think of yourself. Loving yourself, it's not just a question of food, it's a nuanced task. You will start looking at the world differently, you will read more information and examine it. You will accept the people and situations around you as they are. You won't be disturbed by outside influences, you will better remain in your own peace and mind. Because you will know that with SCD, everything is fine. SCD is like a baby. It brings you joy, you both learn new things, take new steps and you look forward to each new day that awaits you.

Us adults, we can choose what we eat, but our little ones don't have that liberty, their diet depends on us the adults. The family. We certainly want only the best for our children but how do we make sense of all this? How to we know what's good and what's not. It's been a few years back but I remember reading one article that really upset me. It suggested that it's better to give your baby a factory made bottle of nutrition rather than home-made baby food using no chemicals. That's when I realized you really can write just anything on the internet and get away with it! No matter whether it's true or not! As long as it makes a lot of money! Because of that article we got really curious what's actually in such bottle. We found that outside of some exceptions, almost every product had some form of starch, mostly of the rice variety, ideally corn. And where do you think these companies go to get their corn starch? I wrote an article on this topic, which you can find on our site if you are interested.

And now imagine the situation. A mother stops breast feeding her baby, which is the best milk and nutrition in the whole world and instead starts using this form of nutrition from the factory thinking, she is doing the best thing for her baby. They said it on TV, so it must be true, right. I know that every mom will also want to find any scrap of time to be able to rest, which is understandable, but at what price? If mass produced baby food is meant to assist a mother, then putting all these substances like starch and sweeteners and not to mention the various preservatives, into your child, then that means the whole circus around health starts really early.

It's no secret that allergies, autoimmune disorders and decreasing resilience is declining by generation and it manifests in babies of earliest age. Another topic would be minimal brain dysfunction, which includes hyperactivity or epilepsy and as the author of the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle, Elaine Gottschall says, the stream of toxins has major negative impact on children dealing with autism.

If I want to know what my child eats, it's essential to carefully read labels and check ingredients, because starch is a staple in terms of fillers of processed foods. Did you know for example, that the creamiest of ice creams can consist entirely of starch? Seriously, they don't even contain milk, let alone cream. And what about this - chicken or turkey ham for kids. Sugar, dextrose, ground chicken claws and Carrageenan - E407... Well alright, the label here says the ham contains 80 - 85 % meat. Do you want to believe that? You may, but let me tell you this little tidbit. Manufacturers are obliged to state these numbers but it's a little bit of a trick. Because the important data point is the amount of clean muscle protein that is contained in the product, and you can find that in the back of the package in small letters. Next.

Gluten-free diet. By the way this is the subject which caused Dr. Haas to be marginalized, he is the original "founder" of SCD. When his work gained in popularity, several students were directly chosen to make a great discovery which led to the conclusion that gluten is the culprit behind everything. This discovery went mainstream and dr. Haas was forgotten. The truth is, that while gluten is an accessory to the damage, the main problem are the disaccharides and polysaccharides, in other words double and complex sugars. That is why gluten-free diet does not heal, but it helps to maintain a state that is more manageable.

Alright let's suppose that you have decided to give your child the best possible thing, you cook SCD for them, now they go to the kindergarten or school, now what? I used to teach at a kindergarten and I can say that from my experience, institutions are rather forthcoming, if you make a request. If not, changing the kindergarten is a good idea. I myself had a few cases where we managed just fine. So don't worry, stand by your decision and by your child. Oh and I wanna say hi to all my little pupils who are all in their 30s by now!! I hope you are all doing well and in good health ๐Ÿ™‚
At school you can gear yourself out pretty well. With SCD there are several recipes suitable for packed lunches and snacks which can be frozen and stored for a long time. Remember it's all about that firm decision, once you know why you're doing this, you will always find a way.

So what does this all mean for us? It's necessary to go back to cooking and this time with the right ingredients. Cooking on SCD is very similar to regular cooking so no need to be concerned about that. In this day and age, it's one of the only ways to make sure you maintain your health.

In closing I would like to tell you what I personally consider to be truly important. Assuming responsibility is the only way and it was my heart which made the decision. It's a choice of a person who has decided to truly love themselves. And now, Radek will talk to you about the economic side of SCD...

Thank you Marky, let's talk about how much is SCD going to cost you and what to prepare for. Well prepare to be surprised again ๐Ÿ™‚ We are used to the idea that health costs us something. We all learned this lesson one way or the other sometime during our lives. Even though we have all grown resistant to various commercials promising impossible things, every once in a while something appears that seems different and we think "Well, what if this worked?" We give it a shot, usually costs a lot of money... Sometimes a really huge amount even... depending on how trustworthy the wondrous product is. And the results may vary. Sometimes you can feel improvement here and there and sometimes it just does nothing at all. I'm sure everyone has such prior experiences, I myself went through a few of these. They got the better of me ๐Ÿ™‚
But... when it comes to healing it's not about what should we start and what should we get, rather it's about what do we stop doing. But I'll get back to this later.
We often receive questions about various superfoods and modern supplements and why could they be inappropriate for SCD?
It's very simple. With SCD it's all about maintaining the fundamentals. Remember? Simple saccharides YES, double and complex NO. So whenever you have a supplement in your hand check the label and you will know. If some herb for example Maca root promises miraculous effects because Peruvians grow them at elevation of 4000 meters and they benefit massively from them, the same may not be completely applicable to us. How is that possible? Maca does contain a lot of good stuff. It grows at high elevation in tough conditions so it contains a lot of minerals and other substances which could be very beneficial to the human body. However it also contains large quantities of starch, that is to say complex saccharides... And that is the issue. Nobody talks about how Peruvians have lived in that environment for centuries and they digest starch differently than other people in the rest of the world. These days there are a lot of studies that confirm that people who physically strain themselves a lot and peak athletes break down starches much more efficiently than others. But if you aren't a Peruvian living and working in the mountains or someone like Lance Armstrong, maca will probably be about as useful for you as a potato. And you already know health is either or... so if you find some other amazing and for sure healthy ingredient or substance in our legal/illegal list and you learn that we list it as inappropriate, there will be reason for it similar to this one. It may contain something interesting and good, but it would also feed the overpopulated bacteria and it sets us back where we don't want to be. Unfortunately, the situation is very similar when we want to talk about vegetarianism and veganism or uncooked foods. Again the rule of saccharides is in place. We have met a lot of people who could not heal despite being vegetarians. Only after incorporating the tenets of SCD did they start observing tangible results. It's important to distinguish what is fashionable or trendy, what is an ideology and what has proved and workable fundamentals. For me personally, although I am quite open minded, things need to make sense to me. SCD certainly made sense and the results speak for themselves. You might be thinking the topic of economics slipped my mind, but I really want to stress that we have invested in truly useless things over the years that are certain to fail and I want to give you a guide so that you can find your way. Let's take a step back then.

So first of all, SCD itself will not be the end of your wallet ๐Ÿ™‚
Why is that? This is important... What will happen is that you will revamp your grocery shopping list. Now that we know what gives us troubles, we will simply buy things in place of those original items. So as I said before, some things will cease altogether and for good. If you were to see what kinds of things went out of our larder never to be used again when we first started... And that's exactly it. You will stop buying nonsense filler. Trust me, you won't even believe just how many things are of no good use. So in the end, the final amount of money you will have to pay will be largely similar, the only thing that will change is what kind of stuff you will have in your shopping cart. I remember one time at the grocery store, we got a few new fans solely based on the content of our cart and the way we looked. It was a nice feeling to be a walking advertisement of our own. We lined up the conveyor belt at the cashier with vegetables, fruits and dried fruit and of course a bottle of wine. The cashier looked at all the stuff and said: "Oh my you will be so healthy once you eat all of that." And we replied: "But we already are healthy." She looked us over lowered her glasses and after a moment she asked: "So what do you cook and what is it that you're doing?"
We didn't want to take up too much time and hold up the rest of the queue so we gave her a link to our website. She took her time so I got a little worried and looked back at the queue to gauge the situation. But I just saw people being curious to see what was going on. We ended up handing out a few more pointers and received a small compliment, that we do look quite well and that it's definitely working great for us. As we were leaving we couldn't help but laugh that our example really speaks for itself.

The adjustment of the shopping list has other benefits, that you will discover as you try new ingredients and preparations. If it wasn't for SCD we would have never discovered multitude of incredible dishes like roasted pumpkin, guacamole, gazpacho, or bake our own pastry be it sweet or savory, using pecan nuts or cashews or almonds, or perhaps coconut and banana flour from yellow ripe bananas. You can see for yourself on our website, Marky has written up some recipes for you to check out and try. And not least of all, we cannot forget the largest money saving aspect when it comes to SCD. You will not have to deal with anymore health expenditures, be it medicine or appointments, you will not have to deal with sick days, because with SCD you will get everything in order. For me personally, these expenses really added up. I can't even really gauge how much money did I get in return because in the last several years I didn't even catch a cold. But it's certainly going to be a decent sum ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, once you find your footing in SCD and discover your best sources for nuts or honey, you will also come to learn other tricks. How to avoid excessive spending, eat like never before, and healing yourself all the while. And so that your searching is not too hard you can check our site right now, the link is below the video. I have one more piece of advice for the shopping needs but I will keep that one until video number 4 to keep you excited ๐Ÿ™‚
Today's video is drawing to a close, I hope I have alleviated some worries about budgeting surrounding SCD and this healing method. I know that you will really gain confidence after you have tried it for yourself. This is the end of the second video. If you haven't watched the first one, go do that right now so you know what we are talking about here. So that you know you can heal yourself no matter what you are dealing with, while at the same time eating delicious and tasty food and it all depends on you.

In the third video we will discuss for whom SCD is suitable and not. We will answer some of the most frequent questions regarding healing. And of course you can expect more recipes ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for your time and attention, allow me to invite you to our third video, tomorrow.
Eat well and be well.


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