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Hi, this is Radek, welcome to the video class Heal with Meal. I would like to share my story with you and pass on information that helped me change my life drastically.
Before we begin I want to ask you something...
Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of some awful condition which ails you or someone close to you? Wouldn't it good to get rid of the pain and enjoy moving again? And how about discarding all those pills and skipping all the waiting around before appointments? Wouldn't it be beautiful if your body was cleansed and it regained energy and became more resilient. Of course, that would be great... obviously.

Today I can safely state, that all of those things are possible... And not only that, it's possible via a method that you are sure to enjoy. You will enjoy delicious treats. If that sounds interesting I will tell you how it was with me, and I will explain what does SCD stand for.

About 25 years ago, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. It's a condition of the large intestine. Among the symptoms are inflammation, diarrhea, in worse cases even bleeding, pain, and some people are almost stuck in the bathroom. Adding to that, I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. These are bulging pouches in the colon, and with inappropriate diet they can get inflamed. These problems may also have been the result of my prior mental issues, specifically panic attacks, which also induced heart arrhythmia. Suffice it to say my overall lifestyle was nothing to write home about either. I didn't even really pay attention to it. Symptoms of UC could not be ignored however, and so I began treatment.

It started with a very interesting examination in the form of colonoscopy... Certainly something that can only be described as "fun". And of course I started taking medication for this condition that I was told is incurable, but if I regularly take my meds, it can be managed. As most people do, I lived having faith in authority, in this case the white coat. I just figured I got a bit unlucky compared to some others and started ingesting the pills. But... most medication works to a point, our body becomes resistant after a while and I haven't even broached the topic of side effects, so relapses and deteriorating state followed soon after.

I would like to make a short interjection here... inflammation is not itself an illness, as we are often led to believe by allopathic medicine. Inflammation is a mechanism of our body that repairs damage that we unintentionally caused with our lifestyle. I bet most of you have the experience of a splinter that you couldn't remove. What happens with it? It starts with inflammation and then it's about time until the foreign object isn't eliminated. Afterwards the injury heals and that's it. Similarly, this is the case for the rest of our body. Sometimes we are not even aware of the inflammation, but more often than not, the process is uncomfortable or painful. And then we go get our medication because that's how we are taught to deal with such things. Unfortunately, medication doesn't solve our problem, instead it merely suppresses the ongoing inflammation. But we are satisfied, although nothing was fixed, it doesn't hurt anymore. Our body has the tendency to finish its processes however. So once the medication stops working or we start acting more reasonably, for example by eating more appropriate food and thus regaining energy reserves, our body resumes its suspended work.

And guess what we do. We go seeking salvation once again in the form of chemistry and then we start calling the inflammation, chronic. And so we carry on, feeding into the system. Assured of the incurableness of our condition. None of this is helped by widely accepted truths regarding inflammations, cholesterol or bacteria. In the worst cases we are led to believe our analogous firefighters are the arsonists in our body. Because they are always present whenever there is fire. But that is all for the interjection for now, let's get back to my story.

After several years one of my providers got the bright idea to prescribe me corticosteroids. At the time things were going OK and there wasn't a real reason to do so. Nonetheless I agreed, since I wasn't aware of all the risks and I still maintained a degree of trust. Perhaps some of you are aware of what corticosteroids are capable of. Water retention ramped up, I gained weight and reached 100 kg, went completely out of shape and on top of all that, started feeling massive joint pain. In short, it wasn't looking good. Life was getting harder and harder and I couldn't help but think whether the wise men truly know some secret... Once I could not carry on any longer, I changed my provider and requested to cease treatment with corticosteroids. I was prescribed immunosuppressants for a change of pace. I was riding the sine wave of feeling better and worse but the peaks and troughs started to become extreme. I have to admit, I still had full trust in my new provider. I even bought some of the newest measures to counter my condition from him. At the end of the day, they all proved to be ineffective. And it makes sense, they only suppressed the symptoms. So I kept attending my favorite colonoscopy examinations regularly and continued to swallow about 15 pills a day at that time.

In spring 2012 my condition during a relapse was so dire I visited my provider several times in the same month. Since I refused to take corticosteroids, the only thing he could suggest to me was increasing the dosage of my medication and wait for another examination. Nothing else could be done. And this was the breaking point. The evening prior to my examination I have received news which resulted in a meeting that could not be postponed. I called the doctor's office first thing in the morning explaining I will not be able to come to the amazing pastime the colonoscopy is. Nurse began to berate me and notified me I will have to pay a fine. I apologized and promised I will pay. Afterwards I was reprimanded again. This kept on for a while and at some point I asked what seems to be the problem, I already apologized and promised to settle the fine. She hung up with a bang. Later that day my provider called me and said that after displaying such uncouth behavior to his nurse I will have to pay 5 times the regular amount for the fine of missed examination and that I do not appreciate their work. I was told I do not respect the other patients who are sitting in the waiting room in pain and are afraid. So...

Anybody who knows me would know that I could never be cheeky to a nurse, not even on a phone. Today, I also know that patients have nothing to be afraid of. They don't have to be in pain. It's all business, they get paid with our insurance and we get our meds, whose purpose is not to heal us. Despite not knowing most of that at the time, I got really upset... I like to call this part "when the protagonist got pissed". I told my provider that I will not pay anything and that he will never hear from me again. And so it was. But now what? Well, I do have the internet. Information was never more accessible than it is now. So I started searching for another way. Not that I never looked before or hard enough. But my motivation was probably not strong enough. And the results were equal.

This time though, I searched more thoroughly, perhaps anger fueled me, that is also a certain kind of motivation, or maybe I was just ready for a change... Regardless, what I found was the website of Elaine Gottschall - Breaking the Vicious Cycle.
This was a story of a lady who wanted to heal her 8 year old daughter who was suffering from the same condition that I did. As she was was quite persistent she went through 16 providers without any results. Always a trial and error with various types and dosages of medication... It was only the 17th doctor who immediately asked the most important question during their first appointment: "What kind of diet do you provide her?" His name was Sidney Valentine Haas.
Yes it was the only doctor of medicine who was interested in this... At the time of their meeting, Dr. Haas was about 94 years old. He dedicated all his life to the study of diet and how the human body reacts to it. The results of his research were widely passed over. Maybe because in the case these methods entered the mainstream, people might start healing instead of being subjected to endless treatments. Dr. Haas discovered that our body can fully process and absorb only simple saccharides. Double and complex saccharides cannot be completely absorbed or digested, and the remains are held in the gut, not fully processed. So that these remains can be digested and used for nutrition, our body starts backup procedure. It starts to produce an excess of bacteria whose job it is to eliminate the unprocessed stuff. This takes place in the form of fermentation, which basically equates to decay, which is accompanied by various toxins. These can travel through the bloodstream all over the body including the brain and cause various issues. According to a study that was conducted not too long ago, it would appear that the brain is connected to the gastrointestinal system via the vagus nerve which would explain the correlation between diet and various mental disorders. The bacteria are even capable of eroding the gut lining and destroy necessary enzymes, mucus and cause leaky gut. Dr. Haas passed away 2 years after meeting Ellaine. She however continued his work, after her daughter healed. For 40 years she has devoted her time to the research of diet. She collaborated with various universities and received an honorary degree. That is to say, this is not some fashionable trend or a shot in the dark. This is a serious and researched method that enables healing by choosing appropriate foods.

I have now given you the first hints of how SCD operates, we'll get back to that shortly... I want to talk about what does the acronym stand for. It's Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I want to make something clear though. Just because it contains the word diet, we're not talking about some healthy boring meals that taste bland and basically make you feel miserable about eating as you renounce everything you have come to enjoy in life. We're talking about the sum of meals you eat every day, a diet plan. And you will quickly realize that with SCD, meals can taste delicious in all kinds of ways both familiar and new. This is not a quid pro quo, it doesn't need to taste bad in order to be healthy or helpful. In this case you get the best of both worlds. That means great food while losing or gaining weight, based on what you are looking for, healing yourself etc... Now I definitely feel like a supplement seller... I promise though, SCD will do exactly what you need right now 🙂

I myself am the living proof of its effectiveness... And I don't intend on going back 🙂
So back to the principles of SCD.
We now know that we cannot fully digest double saccharides, that means grain, refined sugar and similarly complex saccharides, meaning starch. If we ingest such saccharides which is contained in our food, the undigested remains stay in the gut, colonies of bacteria feed on them and the waste creates various toxins which develop all sorts of undesired reactions. Everybody is different so these issues may not be limited to the gut only, they can manifest anywhere, where we are most weakened. We are all resilient in different ways and we may not know about these issues for a long time. There are also cases where little babies are diagnosed with a serious condition in the first months of their lives. Mothers will be familiar. We will talk about children in greater depth in the next video.

Toxins that reach the brain can cause all kinds of issues, hyperactivity, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and seemingly even autism.
Now I will pose my questions again...
What if we stop eating foods, that we cannot fully digest?
What if we stop forcing our body to constantly deal with waste?
What if we stop damaging our body and we start to care for it while enjoying amazing tastes?
I'll tell you what happens because I already lived through it 🙂

After 15 years of medicating daily with 15 pills, I have been medication free now for more than 10 years. I don't weigh 100 kg. I have no joint pain. Physical effort is no problem. All the bloating and bellyaches are gone. My sensation of smell and taste improved... And my mental? Panic attacks disappeared, anxiety too, I suffer from headaches much less if at all. My memory always served me decently well, but I feel like things are much smoother now, everything feels much clearer and tidy, I'm always in a good mood and I find peace more easily. It's like someone lifted a wet blanket from my head... I'm going to elaborate on the influence of SCD on the brain in a later video. But simply put... I feel like I am 20 years younger... And I have enough energy to share 🙂

I suspect you may start having some questions right about now. Can it help me, too? Or my grandma? Perhaps my children? How do I begin? Can it be done while working? Is it too expensive? And what should I eat if I can't eat potatoes, rice, dumplings and so on...
Great! You will learn everything as time goes by. You will learn that you can help yourself no matter what ails you. Some things can be observed working more quickly than others. If you have a hyperactive child, you might be shocked after three weeks. It bears noting that progress is highly individual, but as a rule of thumb, brain related conditions improve first. You will stop the flow of toxins, meaning the source of the condition is being dealt with. When it comes to inflammations and damaged tissue, healing takes longer. Ellaine says that it usually takes 2 years and you're done. But that will also depend on what exactly are you dealing with. But worry not, you will realize very quickly that remaining on SCD is not a tall task, at all. I believe you will be similar to me, and you will not want to go back to being ignorant and unaware. Why should we damage ourselves again? To that I could add that without SCD I would never have found what is truly good.

Now let's take a look at SCD from a pragmatic standpoint... what kind of change does it entail?
You might be surprised but the only major change is an adjustment of your grocery shopping list. And you won't have to go to specialized shops or anything. You may already suspect though... it's a lot of cooking and meal preparation... One of the basic tenets of SCD is: I DO NOT EAT OR DRINK THAT, WHICH I DO NOT KNOW HOW IT CAME TO BE.
Now we are getting to an interesting place... I can hear you countering..."I am far too busy, I have to do this and that, I don't have time to cook"...or "I can't cook"
My friends the real question here is... Do I want to heal? Do I want to do this for myself? Do I care about myself enough that I will prioritize myself first? Do I want to enjoy my life until old age? Or do I want to spend my later years in pharmacies in pain, unable to move. These are the questions that you must answer for yourself.

With my wife Marky I will show you in the coming days what to do... But the decision, how important all of this is, is up to you. For me it was an easy choice to make. I've had just about enough of all the pills and I simply could not imagine where does that road go, realistically. Where it left me, in fact. More procedures and treatments and maybe even surgical removal of the intestine or who knows what. In such case I would be exemplary and lucrative patient, I'm sure. it's clear to me that if my first provider told me what to eat and what to avoid, I would be fine within 6 months and not much profit would be made from me.

Your firm decision is the only thing between you and a beautiful life, that I now posses. There is one disadvantage to SCD I admit. It's either or. I either starve out those fools and let them restore balance or not. SCD is not great for small tryouts. If I just eat an evening dinner in accordance to SCD and the rest of the day I eat regular stuff that's convenient and available, I'm not going to get anywhere.

What you can achieve in short amount of time is an overall idea how it works and how you could manage it. Preparation of SCD meals is usually quite fast and simple, and it does not differ much from regular cooking that you might be already used to. I always had a sweet tooth and if there is nothing already prepared and Marky is not available I bake a honey pie myself. It takes about 30 minutes... Mix ingredients in 2 minutes and in 28 minutes I'm pulling the pan out of the oven 🙂

So if you haven't seen our website you can check it out after this video. In it, you can learn about the appropriate and inappropriate foods and you can also try any of our recipes... you can find the link below the video.

Let's summarize, we went through a lot. If our body is not able to completely process and digest double and complex saccharides, these unfinished remains cause issues in the gut due to overgrowth of bacteria, which means that if we start dieting using solely simple saccharides we will eventually restore balance of the microbiome and we kickstart the healing of the gut and related conditions. All the while benefiting from various side effects of this diet which I mentioned previously, but there are quite a few of those. The quality of the meals will reach such heights that we are not likely to stop this diet. 🙂

This is the beginning of our little video class. You have gleaned the principles of SCD, you have heard my story and now you can start thinking about your own.
In the next video, which I will send you tomorrow, we will take a closer look at the economic side of SCD and discuss the topic of children. How can regular diet cause issues and how can SCD help reverse them. Here under this video you can also find a link to our freely available website, transcription of this video and two recipes so you can try for yourself how it can taste.

You can type out your questions here under the video. We try to read everything because we want to know what interests you the most. We don't just want to give you our side of the story or what we think that you would like to know. We like to respond to specific topics. Your questions will be used to create more content in the future. And if we find the time, we'll respond in the comment section itself. If you want to maintain privacy, send us an email.

Thank you for your attention, eat well and be well 🙂


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