SCD Guide

Here is what you'll get from us

SCD Guide - Heal with Meal
A complete program for jumpstarting your healing through video tutorials, complete with graphics and updated links, with a LIFETIME LICENSE, including support, updates, and supplements - YOU HAVE IT FOREVER, and it will keep expanding even further...
Five Modules
More than 80 chapters, with new ones continually added, so that no one misses out on any new information or experiences that are constantly emerging.
Graphic manual
"How to Begin - 5 Phases of Progress" for more severe situations or faster onset of healing and weight reduction.
Detailed list of "legal and illegal" foods
Always updated with short descriptions and explanations

Supplements Map
Suitable for SCD healing, including recommended use in terms of needs and time.
Frequently Asked Questions about SCD and healing
On a bespoke page, where years of information have been collated.
Video Transcripts
For those who prefer or need to read instead.
Comments in each chapter
Where you can ask us anything you can't find in the SCD Guide or anything that isn't clear. You will also see all the previous comments from SCD users and can communicate with them in this way.
SCD "Hangout"
Debate application directly within the SCD Guide, where you can meet others and potentially find SCD enthusiasts in your area, with the option for both group and private communication.

On top of this, we have these bonuses prepared for you:

BONUS: Special Module Guide+
With procedures for adjusting SCD according to what you currently are dealing with.
BONUS: Marky SCD recipes - START
20 recipes for the initial starting phase so that you don't just eat boiled carrots, but enjoy some tasty options right from the beginning.
BONUS: Lifetime Support
In the form of email communication. Whenever you need advice or clear something up.
BONUS: Special Technical Support
Which will help you solve any problem, including initial setup and training through email.
BONUS: 4 E-Cookbooks
With more than 100 recipes - Marky SCD Recipes 01 - 04.
BONUS: Permanent access to Testimonials
You can always go back to the videos or emails sent by SCD enthusiasts who have achieved remarkable successes, in case you need inspiration, mood improvement, or a little push. We will continue to add new ones.
BONUS: Online Discounts
With all our current and future partners with online storefronts!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I've already purchased cookbooks that are part of the SCD Guide? Will I get a discount?

We'll do it differently. Just write to our technical support, and we will refund the money for the cookbooks to your account.

How do I know that it's going to work for me?

It works for everyone. If anyone with any condition begins to nourish themselves in harmony with their body, it cannot fail to work.

What if I don't have a computer?

No problem, all our websites, including the SCD Guide, are optimized for mobile devices - smartphones.

What if I can't cook?

Thanks to SCD and Marky's detailed recipes, even guys who have never cooked in their lives have managed to learn.

What if I don't have a serious condition?

By nourishing in harmony with your body, you ensure that you won't encounter any serious problems in the future.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, that is the only way to order the SCD Guide and the cookbooks. It is done so via the platform Stripe.

What makes SCD different from other diets?

SCD isn't actually a diet, even though it has the word in its name. Firstly, it really tastes good, and secondly, it's more of a new lifestyle, which provides your body with the necessary conditions for healing.

Is there is physical paperback?

Unfortunately no, we are still only "digital", which means on the internet and in the form of a PDF file, which is ready to be printed out at home.

What if I don't have enough free time?

Well, that's a diagnosis in a way and also a reason to consider further changes, not just in nutrition. People are not meant to just work all day every day.

Can you build me a diet plan?

No. But we'll give you a "map" to help you find your way. After all, you can only create a custom menu for yourself. Only you know how you feel and truly know yourself. We're not all the same, so menus, nutritional tables, and similar things can't work for everyone.

What if I want to interrupt my payment plan?

It's not a problem at all. We'll suspend your profile, and when you want to continue, you'll find it in the exact state you left it.

How many times can I email you with questions?

As many times as you need.

What are the things I get with SCD Guide?

All the individual parts can be found at the top of this page!

How long does it take before positive effects can be observed?

Usually 3 to 5 weeks before significant changes are really noticed. However, it's highly individual, and in the past 10 years, we've even experienced almost miracles at times.

How long does it take before I get access to my SCD Guide?

Immediately after we receive payment, an email will be sent out with your login details and you can access your Guide.

How long does my registration last?

SCD Guide is yours forever.

When can I begin healing after registering?

It's all up to you. The information in the SCD Guide is not time-limited. Do it in a way that suits you best.

How much does the SCD Guide costí?

The complete SCD Guide, including all the bonuses, plus one extra cookbook Marky SCD recipes 05, costs $470 for a one-time payment.

The payment plan is 6 x $97.

I can't afford such investment at the moment, is there a possibility of a payment plan?

Of course, you only need  $197 today, and you can begin your journey of healing. The rest will be split into 5 monthly payments.

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes that is exactly right, SCD Guide license is permanent.

Do you update the information found in the SCD Guide?

We continuously update the information in the SCD Guide. New experiences and insights emerge almost every day. Naturally, we also maintain the technical aspects of the project in line with current developments.

What if my order doesn't go through?

In case of any issues or uncertainties, please don't hesitate to contact our technical support. You can find the contact information on our website.

What if I find out it's not for me? Do you offer refunds?

Of course.
In the case of a one-time payment, you can request a refund within 30 days from the date of the order. No reasons need to be provided.
We do not offer this guarantee for the payment plan option, but you can request to suspend payments at any time or request a complete halt and cancellation of your registration.

Can I get my SCD Guide now and begin perhaps 2 months later?

Yes, you can use your SCD Guide however you wish, it is not time sensitive in any way.

How long have you been working with healing through SCD?

We personally began with SCD in 2012, our website started in 2013, and since January 2015, we've been fully dedicated to the "Heal with Meal" project every day.

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