01. Basic questions about SCD

SCD is a special carbohydrate diet that can heal you from almost any disease because it supports natural bodily functions and processes. For more information, please visit Healwithmeal.net the SCD section of the website.

I would say it is a healthy lifestyle. Its function helps stabilize the balance in the microbiome and restores your immune system. And where there is a healthy immune system, disease or illness has no chance.

Basically 100%, the proof is hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The only time SCD does not work is, if we never begin.

Lot of experience. You can read about it on our site Heal With Meal.

No, everything should be commonly available.

Forget about that, it’s just forcing the body to digest throughout the entire day. On SCD we listen to our body and we let it guide us 🙂

No need to worry. It’s only email registration. In doing so, you are letting us know you are interested in our newsletter and new information on how to improve your health with SCD.

Right now 😉

If you follow SCD properly, the only risk is perfect HEALTH 🙂

This is an interesting question. When people eat mainstream food, which is extremely lacking in nutrition, they don’t think about this. Once they change their diet to a more healthy one that does contain nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, fibre, minerals etc. that’s when they start to worry about developing a deficiency 🙂 The answer is no, especially if you maintain variety of food, you will not find yourself lacking for anything.

Absolutely. Many people today have access to information and many suspect that diet is even more important than we realized. With SCD you can pave the way towards a very different future compared to mainstream diet. If you are able to think about your life in this way, you are in a position of great advantage 🙂

No. You can simply follow the legal – illegal list of foods and ingredients.

Yes, we offer an “SCD Guide”.

GAPS is derived from SCD. This diet was adjusted to better suit treatment of mental disorders. However, it introduces some foods that may negatively impact the bacteria. So to us, it doesn’t really make sense.

SCD diet cannot and should not be combined. Its principles are not compatible and they must be adhered to if the function is to be fulfilled.

No. We want to avoid giving you a ready-made solution. Instead, we wish to teach you the principles so that you can help yourself more independently. We don’t want to provide a quick fix similar to a “pill” 🙂

If that is indeed your situation, I would consider some changes. I believe our purpose is not to work 24/7 🙂

Can it be too early or too late to get your immune system in order? SCD is suitable for both children and adults.

You will feed the bacteria. But if you remain vigilant, this won’t happen. And if it does, jump back right away and it won’t be a problem 🙂

It sure does 🙂

Absolutely yes 🙂

Tremendous effects. But it’s also important to exercise and cleanse the liver  🙂

In my opinion when it comes to people with sweet tooth, SCD is not an obstacle. I would know, trust me 🙂 Try our strawberry-raspberry cupcakes and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

Consciously and with purpose. Best to stick it to your fridge or have it ready on your device, any time you go shopping 🙂

More detailed information can be found in the SCD Guide. But as a rule of thumb, they contain inappropriate saccharides, irritate the gut or cause undesired immune reactions. In some cases, all of the above 🙂

If for some reason you feel the need to supplement while on your SCD journey, beware of ingredients. In the case of probiotics, this is a tall order… We’d recommend to prepare your own 24h SCD yogurt instead, or maybe some preserved vegetables. Recipes for which are on our site.

Not necessarily, but it’s possible. It is largely influenced by your attitude towards cooking. According to some, it’s easier than “regular” cooking.

Of course. But adjusting this strenuous lifestyle should come first, if you really value your well being…

That depends on your attitude and dedication, it’s possible to even gain weight on SCD 🙂

First off, reconsider the necessity of intense sports. Any extreme will have negative impacts. What if you need one of the overloaded parts of your body in the future? Other than that, it’s important to prepare some snacks, for those long training sessions 🙂

Don’t be afraid to say that you want only the best for your child and then do so. You cannot gift your child anything that’s greater than a properly functioning immune system…

The only way is leading by example… Nothing else will work. Show them your vitality and health that you have reclaimed using SCD and if they become curious, give them information in small doses 🙂

If some foods are marked as illegal in our list, it’s because they contain something not suitable for SCD or they cause a reaction that is also undesirable. No matter how much marketing there is behind them. If they contain unsuitable saccharides, or toxic substances that cause immune reactions, they must be avoided, otherwise you are risking complications of the healing process or outright failure of SCD.

In our case, we eat when we are hungry 🙂 Eating 5 times a day leads our bodies to never stop digesting throughout the day and then it has no time for building energy reserves and that does not make a lot of sense to us.

It’s not super important to keep track of how much you eat. Rather, how much do you feel like eating 🙂

It’s enough to guide yourself listening to your body, and when it’s hungry. Rule of thumb is, fruits and sweets in the morning before noon and avoiding them in the afternoon. Largest meal around noon when the bile creation peaks. Another good thing to remember is eating your last meal no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

Yes, it’s important to be strict. You either starve out the bacteria and get better or don’t. In defence of SCD I always say that I have never eaten better meals compared to the last several years. 🙂

We are sure it has happened 🙂 But we communicate mostly with people who are still in the process of healing. It’s hard to keep tabs. Once a person feels better, they develop different interests 🙂

On SCD, your body will find its ideal weight. Not only can you lose weight but we have also succesfully used SCD for treating eating disorders.

Yes, SCD can help you get rid of gout 🙂

Yes, it does.

02. Advanced questions about SCD

Best way would be within our SCD Guide, in which you find yourself right this moment 😉

This question comes from lack of information. 🙂 Take a look at our site, for example in the “How to begin” section, and also think about all the foods that are listed in the manual for the starting phase. I’m sure you’ll come up with other combinations 🙂 And if not, you can find some help in the cookbook specially made for the start phase “Marky SCD recipes START” which you can get only here and at 2/3 the price of the others 🙂 CLICK HERE: for Marky SCD recipes START (link WiP)

Best to leave that until phase 5. Reason being, we want to avoid undue acidity and prolong the process of regeneration…

Yes, but with moderation 🙂

To be clear, with beer it’s not about alcohol, but maltose, which is a disaccharide. 🙂

Most foods are alkaline, but check with information on the internet. Also, acidity is not necessarily a bad thing.

No way. 🙂 Our intention is to teach you to be able to help yourself, whenever you need it.

Take a good look at our website and recipes 😉

A lactose- and gluten-free diet is a futile work. It only maintains a kind of “satisfactory” state, but it does not heal. It is only when you incorporate the principles of SCD that the body is able to kick immunity into high gear.

Definitely not…

That’s the question. 🙂 If it was really just dried fruit, no problem, but it’s still something you don’t know how it came to be…

Personally, I think that it is the “cosmetic” differences that make all the difference in healing. I may sound like an SCD fanatic, but that would be a compliment in my opinion, because only fanatical adherence leads to real and tangible success, as I have verified for myself, and as I proclaim publicly. But it’s really up to you. 🙂

On the contrary, dietary cholesterol has no effect on its level in the body at all. The body always produces several times more of it than can be taken in through the diet because it has many functions and is an essential building block for hormones and cells, especially nerve and brain cells. Elevated blood levels are mainly a sign of damage to blood vessels. In such case, cholesterol is used as a repair material, but this is obviously not a sustainable long-term solution. Don’t believe the medical myths about cholesterol. 🙂

You’re right, triturating juicers are better in every way. And as for the price, I probably wouldn’t try to save money here. Mechanical parts should be of good quality and last a long time. A good brand is Catler, for example…

I always recommend not to combine therapies, unless it’s unavoidable for some reason. This is to keep track of what works and what doesn’t. If it doesn’t conflict with SCD, it’s up to you.

Disaccharides and polysaccharides….

I recommend looking into Vitamin B. Carefully read ingredients so the supplement does not contain sugar or other “illegal” substances. Try to avoid hard labor, life is meant to be lived not labored through.

Well, that depends a lot on how long or often have you “sinned”, as we like to say, over Christmas. 🙂 If it was just, say, one visit to relatives, it’s not such a disaster. You can carry on where you are. But if we’re talking about, say, the whole holiday. It would be better start fresh from Start. But even on SCD you can eat well enough during Christmas, believe me, I know something about that. 😉 Just take inspiration from the recipes on our website or get our “Marky SCD Cookbook No. 2” or No. 4, with Christmas themed recipes and many others.

SCD is not in the true sense of the word a low-carbohydrate diet. Because you’re still taking in carbohydrates, just in the form of simple sugars. So we can’t really talk about ketosis. It can be challenging for the liver if you don’t maintain variety and overdo it with your daily consumption of nuts and protein in general.

Herbs are OK 🙂

It’s always more a question of whether the producer can be trusted that it’s really pure…I don’t eat what I don’t know how it was made… 🙂 But the biggest problem is overloading the liver, whose reduced function is behind virtually every disease…

The microwave destroys nutrients, just like any other heating process, and you don’t have to use it… It doesn’t really work for us either. 🙂 We call it a microwave, but it’s mostly hot air oven function.

With some people it’s about the amount of food in the beginning. It happened to me too, but I considered it a substantial benefit… I can’t really describe it, I was stuffing myself like mad and I have not gained any weight. But this does not last forever 🙂 It’s necessary to increase input and decrease output, which can be done by eating a lot and resting enough. If you burn everything right away, it becomes much more difficult 🙂

The answer can be found in the video, it’s about protecting the intestinal wall, in order to optimize its regeneration…

People with weaker stomachs may have issues, it can cause bleeding for example.

Try the chapter “Timing of phases” 😉

This is true about FOS but there is one key piece missing. Natural FOS are not an issue, it’s the artificially created ones that cause us trouble…

For 50 years we have been told that margarine consumption will promote healhy heart… today we know that’s nonsense 🙂 For other foods listed as illegal the following is true “If your favorite piece of food is marked as illegal in our list, it means it is unsuitable for SCD healing, and that’s because it contains disaccharides, polysaccharides or causes immune reactions, irritates the gut or otherwise inhibit the process of healing on SCD.”

Juices are tricky, most of them are processed and we try to stick by the rule “I don’t eat or drink that, which I don’t know how it was made” That also means, if you have your own homemade juice, that’s totally fine 🙂

If you want to avoid “sinning” by eating various deserts and specialties, you can take a look at our recipes. Our website provides recipes for coconut meringue, and various other sweet pastries. Everything is suitable for SCD. Better solution would be getting cookbook 02 or 04, those are specifically themed for seasonal occasions and finding alternatives.

To avoid bloating, you must improve your microbiome which means getting rid of the harmful bacteria. In other words start SCD 🙂 Some foods will cause gas even if your gut is totally fine with no bad bacteria. That’s just how it is. It’s important to listen to your body and follow its lead. You can also try Floraphage. That’s what I do. Thankfully, SCD gives us enough variety and myriad flavors. Check our recipes on our website. Marky has written quite a few throughout the years 🙂

03. Questions about health issues

Stomach yes, but liver will need cleansing. We tackle this topic, also 🙂

This depends, there is no singular answer to this… One thing that may help and is related to SCD is liver cleanse and proper rest.

Choose another recipe that suits you more 🙂 If you are allergic, you start with meals that don’t irritate you and as SCD takes its course you gradually get rid of your allergies. And you can start carefully introducing previously troublesome foods.

Timing is individual. After some time on SCD (3-4 weeks) you can gradually try them in small amounts and watch the reaction. If it’s not good, eliminate the food again and try again later. (In 1-2 weeks)

Of course it’s possible. For example, with SCD 🙂

Ideally, using SCD 🙂

You can check our website… but SCD can help with basically anything 😉 Illnesses don’t exist in the way that’s often presented to us. Our everyday lifestyle is destroying us and our body is letting us know, this is not the way to go…

Dramatically, but first of all you must finally start drinking clean water. At least 2 to 2.5l besides any other liquids. You’ll see how easy things will get 😀

With SCD, you can get rid of these restrictions and then continue nurturing yourself properly.

Yes, you will stop the stream of toxins and these issues will subside…

Very positive, arrhythmia is caused by insufficient magnesium and “dirty” liver however…

Very swiftly 🙂

Do not consume dairy products… ideally, on SCD 🙂

It won’t hurt, otherwise everything is fine… But a liver cleanse would be more than appropriate for you 🙂

Liver cleanse helps 🙂 In severe situations, strong epsom salt solution can help, at least 2 dcl. It numbs and loosens the bile duct. The stones may leave on their own in this way.

Perfect candidates for SCD 😉

You can do so gradually, depending on how are you feeling. It’s not a good idea to immediately stop taking your prescription all at once. It would be quite a shock for your body, especially in the case of corticoids. Watch the chapter Medicine and Doctors…

SCD is suitable especially for cases relating to the immune system, because that is the main component we are getting in order.

Rest easy. Cellulose is water insoluble and it’s the least of problems for SCD. Eliminate this medicine gradually, once you feel the time is right 🙂

I myself have done so very gradually and slowly, but despite that I had severe joint pains. Adrenal gland refused to come back from vacation 🙂 I would like to note that raw diet does not really fix anything unless it follows SCD guidelines, which means removing disaccharides and polysaccharides. What’s more, in the winter months, our body is not prepared for raw diet. We would have to move to warmer climates, then it could actually work 🙂

It’s a standard symptom. No need to be alarmed. If you add SCD pastries now and lots of rest, you will stop losing weight and start gaining. The removal of complex carbs is pivotal for your body 🙂 So start eating honey cakes and cupcakes and other treats and rest up. So that you don’t exercise and burn everything right away and you can store some mass 🙂

Of course, this can be controlled with diet. Thyroid makes some things faster and others slower, this can be leveraged.

Yes, take a look at our testimonials 🙂

It’s great that you want to stay on SCD. I wouldn’t want to return to “mainstream” food, either 🙂 If you are worried about weight, try not to think about it too much. Eat as much as you feel like you need to within the SCD protocols. The human body is a beautiful and incredibly smart thing. It can find its ideal and most healthy weight, if we suppose that everything is working the way it’s meant to 😉

It definitely does. Unless you eliminate complex sugars and starch, the problem will continue. It’s an issue of the immune system. If you fix that, eczema will subside 🙂

Definitely 🙂 You first start without allergens and then you gradually introduce problematic foods in small doses. If it doesn’t work out, you try again in a week or two…

Check out the chapter Candidiasis and other rascals.

First of all, you can try other kinds of nuts – pecan, hazelnut, cashew… or perhaps banana flour. But also, if you start using SCD, you will not start eating bread for the first 14 days or a month, and by that time, your allergy might be gone entirely 🙂 You gradually introduce problematic foods in small doses. If it still poses problems, leave it be for another week or two, then try again… This is the protocol for people with allergies starting SCD…

It needs to be tried. If you follow the Guide you should encounter issues.

Relapse occurs usually after 3 to 5 months on SCD. This is highly individual and might not even occur, at all. If it does happen, jump back to the start, first and second phase, so that the duration of relapse is cut as short as possible. It’s important to not interrupt SCD and maintain positive outlook. Accept it as another part of the healing journey.

In the case of CF, it is mainly about getting rid of the current way of “treating” this affliction. Only when the symptoms occur are the antibiotics prescribed and prevention has been reduced to simple vaccination. Prescribing corticosteroids, ibuprofen and mucolytics for inflammations probably won’t make anyone feel much better. SCD is a strongly anti-inflammatory diet and most importantly starves out the bacteria, which in the case of CF, cause the most issues. This situation changes significantly when you kick start your immune system with SCD. Regardless, of the disease being hereditary or not. Liver cleanse after that is more than desirable, too.

If there is nothing to work with, not even SCD can help 🙂 it depends on the degree of the issue.

Even Elaine doesn’t speak of healing, but more accurately managing. It depends on the severity of the disorder, but even tougher cases noted significant improvements. In less severe cases the situation can be improved to such a degree, that any problem is hardly recognizable.

Don’t wait for anything and start right away… Instead of remission you can actually solve your issue 🙂

You are most likely not drinking enough water. If you drink more your BM will most certainly improve. In the very beginning, there isn’t much to move however 🙂 The function of thyroid can be influenced by diet and choice of food, that means we can increase increase or decrease it…

Relapse usually occurs after about 3 – 6 months on SCD. There is no reason to be alarmed, this is normal. It is highly individual, but it is part of the healing journey. Try not to worry about it, go back a few phases and keep going. Things should get better in no later than 30 days. Stay calm and happy 😉

Yes, as a matter of fact, there is one somewhat recent study.

04. Questions about ingredients

If it’s actually pure and clean, it’s legal… it happens to be one of the ingredients for SCD baby milk replacement according to Elaine Gottschall. 🙂

To by nešlo jíst… Hodí se spíš přidat malé množství na obarvení těsta z ořechů…

Kopřiva je nevhodná ne kvůli sacharidům, ale kvůli dalším látkám, které mohou vyvolat imunitní reakci.nnTakže čaj také ne. Nejvhodnější bylinou, alespoň v začátku, je máta…

Where we shop can be found on our website in the right side of the page. You may have access to partner discounts, make your orders there 🙂

Find the closest wholesale to you.

Seeds should be tried after half a year without symptoms. They irritate the bowels and may cause an immune reaction…

This syrup usually contains 8-10% glucose, 10-12% fructose and about 74% sucrose, which is essentially inappropriate for healing with SCD. I know that labels say that there are 78g of saccharides of which are sugars, which should mean that 78g are simple saccharides, but as you can see this is not the case.

One of the most common questions. “Why can’t I eat chocolate or cocoa…” Alright, but seriously. Cocoa is not appropriate not only because of the saccharides, but also its toxicity. Which may result in immune reactions. Don’t you worry though, your sweet tooth will still be satisfied on SCD 🙂

Personally, I wouldn’t drink teas other than peppermint. Some green teas may cause immune reactions.

Dried fruit is fine, it is necessary to make sure there is no added refined sugar and other inappropriate substances for SCD, however.

They either contain inappropriate saccharides, irritate the intestinal wall, or cause undesired immune reactions. In some cases, all of these 🙂

Only the 24H SCD yogurt and some mature cheeses, which are lactose free… But not before 3 months of no symptoms… You can use the 24H SCD yogurt right at the start of your 3rd month.

No it is not. They contain disaccharides and those are inappropriate for SCD.

Hemp seed may cause undesired immune reaction.

If you opt for either one of these without sugar and you make your own, they can be used…

Jde zejména o ty “průmyslově” zpracované šťávy a džusy. U nich si nikdy nemůžete být jistí jak vznikly a co obsahují. Pamatujte, platí vždy pravidlo – Nejím a nepiji, co nevím, jak vzniklo …nnVyrobíte-li doma, není problém. 🙂

Kokosový cukr je “disacharid”. Takže ne.

SCD Lučinou :-)nRecept na hlavních stránkách…

When it comes to meat, it depends on the individual. SCD does not prohibit it.

Correct, blending is important for fibre so that the gut has easier time digesting… 🙂

Forget about all that and make your own curd, SCD Lučina 🙂

You can find a recipe for homemade Lučina in your SCD Guide. It’s also present in the 24H SCD yogurt recipe. These days, I would not use a different kind of curd…

Soy lecithin is going to be a problem mainly for you… trade it for sunflower lecithin. Soy is genuinely dangerous, it’s more trouble than it’s worth…

This honey is certainly OK 🙂

Pomegranate is OK. 🙂

I don’t know myself what is Turkish cheese 🙂 But it’s best to start considering cheese only after 3 months… It is a very advanced food item, even if you select an SCD appopriate kind.

It’s mostly the fact that not many people will prepare these themselves, if you buy them from a store, you can’t be sure about the quality… Beans from stores are most certainly not soaked for 12 or more hours. In other words you would be eating something that you do not know how it came to be 🙂

It has to do with containing lactose. Ripening transforms it into galactose. The more ripe, the more appropriate it becomes 🙂

Goji is a Solanaceae plant and contains strong alkaloids. These can be potentially very toxic for individuals with auto immune disorders.

Use only aged hard cheese, according to the list. After 3 months of no symptoms.

It is not aged – therefore illegal.

Semena všeobecně je nejlepší začít až velmi pozdě, třeba po půl roce bez symptomů, velmi dráždí…

Banánovou mouku doporučujeme zatím kupovat u Expres Menu. (i Slovákům)

Neexistuje správná nebo špatná a ani zdravá nebo nezdravá…nnJen pro SCD uzdravování vhodná, nebo nevhodná. To je důležité říci.nA je to ta, která je vyrobena ze žlutých banánů.nNikoli plantajnů!

Není důvod, proč by měl výrobce buď uveřejnit, nebo tajit z jakých je mouka banánů.nPro SCD je jediná vhodná ze zralých žlutých.

Yes, cellulose in medication is tolerated within SCD.

Sugar alcohols are ILLEGAL.

Fructose, glucose and similar are never pure and without enzymes they may cause issues – ILLEGAL.

With oil, it’s important to note which fatty acids are contained within. Especially with refined oils. It’s essental to avoid omega 6, it’s strongly inflammatory and we are already getting plenty of it… That’s why for SCD we recommend olive, coconut and animal fats.

With SCD there is no reason ketosis should occur. We use plant based oils only rarely. Omega 6 are inflammatory… We’d recommend ingesting a tablespoon of coconut oil instead.

First of all, you can try other kinds of nuts – pecan, hazelnut, cashew… or perhaps banana flour. But also, if you start using SCD, you will not start eating bread for the first 14 days or a month, and by that time, your allergy might be gone entirely 🙂 You gradually introduce problematic foods in small doses. If it still poses problems, leave it be for another week or two, then try again… This is the protocol for people with allergies starting SCD…

05. Questions about recipes

Yes, but at first you still need to keep an eye on it and check what’s happening in the oven. From our experience, cooking with gas oven takes longer, electric and hot air ovens are pretty fast. So keep an eye out, and if it doesn’t seem finished, just keep baking.

Flour from nuts is OK, chestnut flour however is not allowed…

We use ingredients, spices, herbs and everything that’s commonly available, at least in the Czech market.

Yes 🙂

You can buy it for sure, but it’s needlessly expensive. We buy nuts wholesale and we blend them directly into the dough.

It’s impossible to be sure of the purity of any processed or industrial product. It’s up to you to weigh the risks and try it…

SCD is not rawism 🙂

We buy and grind both… depends what we want to use it on. If it’s some raw recipe we use almonds with skin, if it’s baking pastry or pies  we use peeled.

The one on our website. It’s the 24h SCD yogurt. 🙂

No, during the process of fermentation all lactose is transformed and it’s not a problem 🙂

Precisely, we try not to worry about such things, the same is said about teflon… oftentimes it’s the conviction that hurts us more than anything…

If you are dealing with gallbladder issues, it is true you need to be more careful with nuts… Don’t focus so much on pastries and prioritize pumpkin, zucchini, spinach and other types of vegetables which can sate your hunger. When you spend more time on SCD, your need to fill up your stomach will subside 🙂 Cleansing the liver is part of the process of healing and it will help solve this issue, as well 🙂

With SCD the priority is starving out the bad bacteria… Honey and dates are natural SCD sweeteners, if you want their benefits you can eat it the way they are… If you want the honey sponge cake, you will heat the honey up. Don’t forget that the most damage is caused by what we fear and convince ourselves of. You can check our website’s Blog section and find articles and an FAQ with regards to honey. We even had a beekeeper help us answer some questions.

It is not legal for SCD because the fermentation process does not involve only bacteria but also yeast.

There is no specific reason. They are prone to mold… but also we simply prefer pecan nuts, for example 😉

Choose another recipe that suits you more 🙂 If you are allergic, you start with meals that don’t irritate you and as SCD takes its course you gradually get rid of your allergies.

Bifidus should be avoided because it can mutate in the gut, but also is prone to overpopulation. At the end of the day, regardless of the bacteria being harmful or beneficial, it still consumes protein and in case of overabundance it can erode the intestinal wall and cause endless inflammation…

06. Children and pregnancy

Can it be too early or too late to get your immune system in order? SCD is suitable for both children and adults.

Don’t be afraid to say that you want only the best for your child and then do so. You cannot gift your child anything that’s greater than a properly functioning immune system…

For pregnancy, I would advise to just follow the legal – illegal list, but it depends if you are also dealing with other issues and how severe they are.

With children, it’s enough to follow the legal – illegal list of foods and ingredients.

07. Technical issues

Sometimes it can happen that the video does not function properly. In such case, the problem might be in your internet browser. One common solution is clearing “cookies” or your browser’s history. You can try using a different browser, too (firefox, opera, chrome). This is the most succesful solution usually. 🙂

You can buy any cookbook in the e-shop of our website, which is always visible, commonly in the right side of the webpage. Here is the link: Marky’s SCD Recipes. (WiP)

You will need the appropriate software. One free solution is installing „Libre Office”.

Youtube recommends: 1. Update the youtube app 2. update your Android firmware 3. Change your internet browser if you aren’t using the youtube app 4. Restart the app 5. Restart the device 6. Turn your data/wifi off and on 7. Clear your youtube app’s cache/updates/data.nnGo to your device’s settings, find the app in your downloaded category, tap the icon and clear cache/updates/data. Re-install the youtube app to the latest version.

Detailed instructions can be found in the partner codes in the Bonus category.

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