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Hello, this is Radek

In this Class you will discover what is possible in rather short amount of time by simply changing your daily meals.

What are we going to talk about?

You will find out, how does the food we eat influence our health. 
(Perhaps in more ways, than you may suspect.)
You will discover what is beneficial for our body, and what is not.
(Some foods will certainly surprise you.)
You will be shown which foods can help correct your weight and most importantly, heal you.
(It's not about eating less or renouncing sweets.)
You will be given recipes that are as simple as possible, nothing convoluted.
(No need to worry about meals that you can't even pronounce, let alone cook.)
You will find for yourself that "healthy" meals can also taste incredibly delicious.
(Do not expect any slop with no taste from us.)

As a Bonus, you will receive

testimonial videos of people who have healed themselves and never felt better in their lives
answers to various frequent questions regarding health and diet
selection of recipes written by my wife Marky, so that you can taste your newfound health as quickly as you can

This opportunity is free of charge, no payment required


Radek and Marky, I wish to express my gratitude.
I started in early September. I became a senior citizen in March and I was thinking that rest will surely help alleviate my problems. I suffered from pains in the buttocks, back and eventually even the hips.
Sometimes the pain was so debilitating I could barely walk a 100 meters. Adding to that, my stool has been runny for more than 4 years.  Judging from what I have read, I came to realize that the problem must be in what I eat, so I tried going gluten-free, and I saw some improvements, but they did not last. 
Fortunately, I discovered your articles and everything I saw made sense to me. I thought I should give it a try. I have spent my money on worse, so I gave it 3 months. Within those 3 months, all of my pains were gone. Only pain in joints of my hands remain. But even that has improved considerably.
Thank you once again, I am looking forward to any new article!!
Best regards, Miroslav.

Miroslav Vykouk

I wished to live without an ilness all my life. Despite all of my searching and efforts, I was able to raise two children through my intense bouts of shortness of breath, which I consider to be a heroic feat. Radek and Marky, all of the knowledge is served beautifully and it's very accessible and simple. Full glad I am to have lived to the age of the internet. Back in the days of lectures that I attended during my job, I (and many others) was rather confused. Before the internet, I used to make all kinds of notes regarding what I have learned about herbs, methods of healing, alternative medicine and so on.
With you, it's a brand new world of modern people and it's fun when my grandchildren are giving me advice. I'm not a paper devil anymore but an internet granny. My parents definitely did not experience such varied retirement.

Thank you to you both

Marie Vidunová

Good evening Radek,
I would love to share with you my results from the diabetology check up which brought me great joy. After not even a full month of changing my diet, my long term blood sugar decreased by entire 11 units of HbA1c. Weight went down by 4 kg. It's unbelievable. My provider was shocked and lowered the dosage of my medication. She started asking questions how did I manage this, and for now I kept it to myself, but I did tell her that it was mostly a large scale change in my diet. And it certainly is not keto! And I feel wonderful. We'll see how it goes, but I am incredibly motivated and I am convinced I'll get myself sorted.
I wish you and Marky a Merry Christmas
Best wishes, Magda

Good evening Radek,
Thank you in advance for all the advice and new information.

I am writing with another report, this time after 3 months in this new life-style. ♥️

from the “Journal of a diabetic”
I had another check up today. My provider was welcoming me in the door with a wide smile "How are you doing?"
And I can only reply "Fantastic"
 She does not hesitate and says "With that blood sugar? I bet. You really have to tell me how did you do it. Your long term blood sugar levels (meaning my HbA1c) have dropped another 18,5 units ??? I reached 46,5 HbA1c, which is hard to believe.  This is just impossible, we will have to record you as an exceptional example.”

So in summary, in the 4 months of SCD:
body weight -8 kg
diabetes minus – 29,5 HbA1c

I am so happy that something finally works ♥️. I love Marky's cookbooks. I fully believe in complete recovery and I wish to all unconvinced diabetics to find the courage to make the right decision. 

P.S. I had my husband join me, he diets with me in solidarity and he managed to lose 17 kg of weight.
Warm regards, Magda

Magda Franczyk

Good day

First of all, I would like to express thanks that I was able to partake in your program. My good friend referred me to you. We are both interested in healthy life-styles, since I personally, have had problems with my stomach for some years now. First ulcers and now something allegedly hereditary, I am not sure what it’s called, but stomach is not creating microflora properly and is then not protected against acidic environment. Which means, if I don’t take my medications I get severe stomach cramps. Another consequence is poor metabolism (so my provider says), which means I store all the fats.
I tried many different diet plans (even under medical supervision, which cost a lot of money) and I can say they worked to some extent, but then I put on much more weight than I had lost. After going through this program, or how should I call it “Heal with Meal” I had lost 10 kgs. And it really can be done without suffering.
I ride a bicycle and work on my cottage. During the summer holidays, when we had our grandchildren for three weeks with us, we traveled a lot, and during that time it wasn’t easy finding the right foods, I’m sure I would have lost even more weight, had I been able to fully focus on myself.
Before I forget I would like to mention that my instep pain, that I have been experiencing for years, which was so severe sometimes I couldn’t walk even with special footwear, had gone away entirely. Thankfully, this summer I could wear sandals even without padding that does not fit with them. That’s another piece of evidence to me, that changing diet is really beneficial and important.
I am very glad I got to enjoy and experience all this. Your recipes are very good. Not just the ingredients, but taste, too! Thank God for your recipes and you. I benefit from them greatly. Some of the meals I personalize. It’s all very good, even my husband, even though he will eat anything, always enjoys these meals very much.

Thank you for everything, Miládka :)

Miládka F

Hello Mr. Radek, I am eternally grateful that I found you. Your help and advice were amazing, it didn’t take more than three days before I started noticing improvement. Pain that has followed me for years disappeared. After such a long time of trying various medicines and products that cost a ton of money. All that had to be done was changing what I eat. My mood has shifted, I want to live again and I feel more energetic. Urine acid is gone. Back pain? Never heard of it. In the past I used to be a fruitarian and exercised advanced yoga, and to you I am grateful that I found joy in life again.

I also want to add my own quote: “Only wisely considered courage to make the right decision helps us advance further and allows us to taste the victory over ourselves, is also the path of originality and genius.”

That’s your story, you won over yourself, and that’s one of the hardest tasks a person can give themselves.

Many thanks and deepest respect, Jojka (Viola)


Good day to you.
I have to write to you. Me and my wife Táňa have decided to heal with meal, as you say.
We started on September 1st 2020 and we have "lost" about 12 kg each. And we feel much better! I am 60 years old and I struggle with various conditions, light diabetes, high blood pressure, colds, asthma and intense back pain. 
After the weight reduction, I also felt the pain has subsided and after 25 years I started to smell things again.
About a month ago we also purchased the yogurt maker from LUVELE and we are quite satisfied.
These are some early positive news from us. We would like to sincerely thank you both for your efforts to help people.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Milan and Táňa

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